Welcome to the Outdoor Learning Blog!

Launched in March 2015, this is a blog for anyone interested in outdoor learning, coordinated by the Natural Connections Demonstration Project.

Here we bring together bloggers who are researchers or practitioners in learning in natural environments, to share with a wide audience their best practice, evidence findings and enthusiasm for outdoor learning in schools. The aim of this blog is not to promote one project, organisation or school, but to build on the collaborative model that has been developed through Natural Connections and raise awareness of good quality examples of both evidence and delivery in the field of outdoor learning.

We are putting a twist on the traditional blog, in that articles will have less focus on observations / conversations and will be less frequent but more in-depth. They will be provided by an emerging panel of guest authors and we invite others, whether you have your own blog or not, to join the panel and to help increase the reach of this blog. This is also the place where you will find newsletters from the current Natural Connections demonstration project and we have provided an ever growing page of links to other blogs that we think might interest you. We hope to continue to build a buzz around outdoor learning!

Post content is shaped solely by the guest contributors, we do not edit their views or disguise their messages. However they have been invited to write about key topics which are based around the themes and challenges that the Natural Connections demonstration project, and many others, have been exploring over recent years:Empty_Classroom_125_FotoPlus

  • Using school grounds for teaching
  • Using local green spaces for teaching
  • Building teacher confidence in learning in natural environments
  • Using the outdoors for teaching across the curriculum
  • Using the outdoors to teach core curriculum subjects
  • What outdoor learning providers need to know about working with schools.
  • Challenges to outdoor learning in schools
  • Looking at the evidence around benefits of outdoor learning
  • Outdoor learning and health (physical and mental)
  • Creating an effective outdoor learning teaching resource (eg essential elements of)

We hope you enjoy reading the articles, if you would like to contribute please contact jenny.hanwell@naturalengland.org.uk

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