International Outdoor Learning Conference:

Lessons from Near and Far: Research and Policy

3rd July 2015, University of East London

Booking closes 15th June

To find out more about this new and exciting conference, visit the conference web pages at


Research in the field of outdoor learning has often been fragmented and relatively small scale, leading to significant challenges for both policy development and strategic long term research. However several recent large scale initiatives both here and overseas offer the opportunity to learn from national and international evidence of effective research practice informing policy and, policy informing research practice.

Learning from these initiatives is particularly relevant in helping us to better understand the contribution of outdoor learning to the development of characteristics in children that are associated with improved attainment, and their health and wellbeing.

A consortium of partners led by Plymouth University and Natural England, are hosting a conference that brings together key players from the research and policy communities:

  • to provide a forum for learning from international research and policy
  • to help inform policy directions in particular the potential for learning in natural environments to develop characteristics that are precursors to attainment and enhanced employability.
  • to identify shared research priorities that will tackle the key challenges for policy development both nationally and internationally.

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